Home Pedicure

Unfortunately, summer is almost over, but nevertheless we should take care of our feet even though we do not wear sandals. 🙂
What I’ve used for my at home pedicure, read below.

Home Pedicure

I have made a mini bath using L’occitane Revitalizing cube which contains mint, rosemary and pinenuts oils. Unfortunately, it is now discontinued which is a shame because it smelled wonderful and it was refreshing, perfect for feet. It didn’t make any foam, only stained water green.

Home pedicure Loocitane

After my skin has softened, I have removed all the hard skin with Balea foot file. I like this product because there is this rougher side that removes hard and thick skin, while the other side is more gentle which smoothes the skin. It can be bought in dm drugstores and is really affordable. It has done a great job and made my heels soft and smooth.

Home pedicure  Balea foot file

After that I have applied Scholl foot cream to hydrate my dry skin. It contains an innovative formula, which exfoliates dead, dry skin cells (it contains lactic acid) and thus helps moisture reach deeper into the skin. According to the ingredients list, there are glycerin and urea on the second and third place in terms of quantity.
The cream is a good moisturizer and it makes skin feel smooth and soft. It is absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave skin feel greasy. The scent is also pleasant and mild.

Home pedicure  Scholl cream

How do you take care of your feet? Which foot cream do you like?


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