Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde waterproof mascara

I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about the new Bourjois mascaras, so I bought this one before summer. I like to use waterproof mascaras to prevent smudging, because when it’s hot I like to refresh my face with thermal waters or tonics. Read below my thoughts about the product.

 Burjois Volume 1 Seconde waterproof mascara

The first thing that attracted me to this mascara is its packaging. It is such a beautiful combination of silver and blue detailing. The bottle is 12 ml which is generous amount. The interesting thing about this product is its patented brush, inspired by hair styling brushes. The rubber brush has spherical bristles that perfectly wrap lashes giving them volume and straight bristles to create clump free definition.

Burjois Volume 1 Seconde waterproof mascara

With just one layer my eyelashes were more voluminous and longer. The formula is just perfect, not too liquid nor too thick, it makes eyelashes nicely separated and without clumps. I’ve had the mascara for about 8 hours, during which I repeatedly sprayed thermal water all over my face and my lashes looked perfect, no smudging or dripping mascara at all. Despite of being water resistant, it is easily removed with oil remover. Just perfect mascara, I like it a lot.


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