Most Used Products This Summer – 2014 pt. 2

This is the second part of the post about the products that I’ve used mostly over the summer.

Most Used Products This Summer - 2014

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense legere


When I first saw this product, I instantly fell in love with its packaging. It is so beautiful, light blue, airless pump bottle, 50 ml.

It is great for my normal to combination skin, especially in the summer months when I do not need as much hydration as during winter. It is very soothing on the skin, so it is perfect for using after beach, my skin can get a bit irritated after swimming in the sea.
The texture is very light, almost watery so it spreads easily and it is absorbed within seconds. It makes my skin feels soft and velvety but I think that is because of the silicones. That makes it perfect for under foundation, too.
The cream doesn’t make my t-zone oily and it is non comedogenic.
There is more hydrating and nutritive version for dry skin, too.

Vichy 48hr anti-perspirant

Vichy 48hr intensive anti-perspirant roll on 3

I have been using Vichy deodorants on and off for years now, and this time I chose the one that promises protection and freshness without white marks. It is very important to me because I usually wear black shirts and I hate to see them stained with deodorant. There are no white marks on my skin either. A great number of roll-ons left white marks around my armpits when they would dry, but there is no such thing with this one.
The most important thing is that it provides great protection against sweat, it really works. It is formulated with aluminium salt so I guess that’s a deal breaker for a lot of people, but I don’t use it everyday. I use it only for hot summer nights or when I know I will have a long, stressful day. After all, it promises to work for 48 hours so you don’t have to apply it after every shower.
It has a fresh pleasant smell.

L’Occitane Hair Repairing Oil

L'occitane Repairing Oil - dry and damaged hair

I’ve got a bunch of this samples in my local store, so they lasted me for more than two months, since you only need a tiny drop. The texture is not exactly like oil, more like gel.
What I like most about this oil is its rosemary smell, it is so fresh and delightful. It contains some silicones and a whole lot of plant oils. I’ve used this after swimming to protect my hair against heat and salty water.

Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water

Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water

I’ve used the rose water for refreshing my face or after the swimming. It smells divine, and it feels so nice on the skin, it is very hydrating.

Sundance Selftan Lotion

dm Sundance Selftanner

I don’t really sunbathe, but I like to have a bit of tan during summer. I’ve tried many selftanners and to me they are all the same. So I opted for budget friendly one, after all, I’m using this only during summer and very rarely otherwise. I’ve got really nice, even bronzey tan after two applications, without patches and streaks. It is extremely affordable, but you can only buy it at dm drugstores.


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