Anny Fake Fur

Anny is one of my favourite nail polish brands. Anny polishes are quick drying, very opaque, long lasting and apply easy and smooth. They come in a 15ml square bottle which is easy for storing. Anny polishes come in a great variety of colors, shades and finishes.
Today I’ll show you a perfect autumn/winter shade called Fake Fur.

Anny Fake FurAnny Fake Fur is a taupe shade with strong brown undertone, and a bit of purple in it, too. It is quite hard to describe the shade since it is always different, depending on the lighting. It has a cream, glossy finish. This nail polish has a great coverage and you can easily apply just one coat, but I prefer to apply two thin layers. I don’t have a top coat in these swatches.

Anny Fake Fur

Anny Fake Fur swatch

Anny Fake Fur


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