Bvlgari Omnia Green Jade

Colder months are slowly approaching, and the Omnia Green Jade is just perfect for winter. Now, I’m not that good at describing scents and this is my first time, but I’ll try my best.

BVLGARI Omnia Green Jade

I know a lot of people think of this perfume as spring/summer fresh kind of scent, but I wear it exclusively during colder time of the year. I have it in a 25ml round bottle which I really like, I think it is very elegant and the green color fits the scent, but I think they don’t make the bottles like this anymore.

BVLGARI Omnia Green Jade

Top Notes: Spring water and green mandarin
Heart: White peony, pear blossom and jasmine petals
Base: Pistachio, white wood, musk

BVLGARI Omnia Green Jade

It is a bit too strong and green when first applied, very woody and musky, but after about half an hour it becomes more gentle and fresh, almost subtle. After a while I can clearly smell jasmine and pistachio, they are the most dominant. Although there is a green mandarin, it doesn’t smell citrus like at all. I read somewhere that this perfume is aimed at younger women, but I think it would suit older generations as well. I imagine this scent to be perfect for strong, dominant women, although I don’t think of this perfume as being only for women. I think men could wear it easily, too. I certainly don’t have a problem wearing men perfumes.

It has a decent longevity of couple of hours, on my skin at least.

Wooh, that’s it, my first perfume review!

BVLGARI Omnia Green Jade


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