Bvlgari Omnia Green Jade

Colder months are slowly approaching, and the Omnia Green Jade is just perfect for winter. Now, I’m not that good at describing scents and this is my first time, but I’ll try my best.

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Nivea Make up Starter Day Cream and Waterproof Eye Make up Remover

A few years ago, almost all of my skincare products were by Nivea. Eventually, I’ve discovered some other brands that I like more, but recently I’ve bought two Nivea products again, a day cream and makeup remover.

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Anny Fake Fur

Anny is one of my favourite nail polish brands. Anny polishes are quick drying, very opaque, long lasting and apply easy and smooth. They come in a 15ml square bottle which is easy for storing. Anny polishes come in a great variety of colors, shades and finishes.
Today I’ll show you a perfect autumn/winter shade called Fake Fur.

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Lush Massage Bars

For me one of the best products Lush has to offer are their massage bars. I would describe them as oils or body lotions in solid form, and I’ve got hooked ever since I first tried the bar named Each Peach almost two years ago.
The massage bars are made mostly with cocoa and shea butter and essential oils.

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